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The Best Dressed Dude at Pitti 86: Dag Granath

Before we get into this, let me clear something up: You may recall the fact that I do not like bucket hats. I still generally despise bucket hats, and every bit of praise I’m going to throw at Dag right now could have been amplified sans bucket hat.

That being said, Dag Granath of the Swedish label Saman Amel absolutely killed it at Pitti last week. I was familiar with Saman Amal, but I had absolutely no idea who Dag was prior to seeing a shot of him taken by Tommy Ton. I’m not sure if you guys will agree with my absolute title of “best dressed”, but that’s what opinions are all about right?

The kits that Dag is wearing here are essentially perfect summer kits in the eyes of yours truly. The polo/rugby under blazer (with unkempt collar), braided leather belt, and navy/olive/white color scheme are all heavily involved in my personal summer wardrobe as well, and I think that might be why I gravitate towards these kits. They’re extremely versatile, comfortable, and appropriate.

Bottom Line: I didn’t see anyone else at Pitti this season hold down the casual, lived-in, tailored look remotely as well as Dag Granath did. This is heavy inspiration for the coming months. 

Photos via Tommy Ton (GQ) and Neil Watson (Art & Hustle)